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Canada’s Regional Qualifying Crane Operator Skills Competition Raises $5K

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Competition heats up in Alberta.


September 10, 2013 - On August 24, two crane operators placed in the Lindale, Alberta, crane operator skills championship, securing their spot in the Crane & Rigging Hot Line & CIC Crane Operator Skills Championship in Las Vegas.The finals will take place during ConExpo in March 2014.


The event’s host, Kolo Safety Inc., a Canadian owned and operated training and safety consulting company specializing in equipment inspection and certification, reported a great turn out of competitors and spectators. “We were able to raise a total of $5,000 for the Children’s Stollery Hospital,” said Lisa Olver, president of Kolo Safety.  


Operators who competed in the skills competition had to complete three tests using a 45-ton Manitex boom truck supplied by X-Factor Oilfield Services.  The three tests included lowering the crane’s hook into empty drums without knocking the barrel over, picking up a 45-gallon drum filled with water and weaving it through a slalom course without lifting the chain attached to the bottom of the drum off the ground, and lifting a steel pipe vertically and lowering it horizontally in the opposite direction without knocking over pylons, which gave the operator 1-ft. of wiggle room around the pipe for the landing position.


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Alberta winners


Cory Babwick from Canada Crane, Nisku, Alberta, took first place, while Peter Delmonte from Timmins, Ontario, placed second. Olver said that Delmonte heard about the skills competition on the radio and was in Alberta on vacation at the time of the event. He registered on-site to compete. Babwick competed against his crane operation instructor, Rob Rudiger from Keyano College in Fort McMurray, and said that he would not be going to Las Vegas if it was not for Rob’s instruction. The first female competitor, Lisa Geiger, also took part in the Lindale crane operator skills competition.



Bonus happenings

At the Regional Qualifying event, Kolo Safety also introduced two new entry level crane courses for Canadian crane operation.


Chicks with Sticks is a female-only hoisting and rigging placement that includes job placement with a Level B crane operator certification from Crane Safe BC. Teens on Cranes is a high school entry-level crane course with job placement for low-capacity cranes with a Level B crane operator certification from Crane Safe BC.



Sign up to compete

There are still opportunities to register for a crane operator skills competition in your region. Visit the site for complete information.


Oct. 5 – Woodland, Wash

Host: Industrial Training International


Oct. 18 – Houston, Texas

Host: Webber LLC

Co-Host: HIIG Construction


Nov. 9 – Sanford, Fla.

Host: Crane Institute of America, Florida Crane Owners Council, and M&P Specialty Insurance


Nov. 22 – Corpus Christi, Texas

Host: B-C Equipment Sales and Laguna Crane Services


March 4, 2014  – Las Vegas, Nev.

Host: Crane & Rigging Hotline and Crane Institute Certfication


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