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Grove AT Crane Helps Shift Dulles Terminal into a Museum

Crane Company: Manitowoc

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Grove GMK7550 at Dulles

September 25, 2013 - A Grove GMK7550 all-terrain crane did its part to transform a Washington Dulles International Airport flight tower terminal into a museum. The 550-ton crane lifted a refurbished radar dome to the top of a tower while air space remained steady.


The crane was configured with a 160-ft. main boom and a 160 ft. luffing jib for the project. It lifted the 7.5-ton dome 200 ft. high to the top of the tower. Working in such close proximity to dense air traffic was a challenge. Air space was closed around the crane while it worked, and lights and flags attached to the crane ensured it was visible. The project took one week to complete.


Greensboro, N.C.-based J. Wayne Poole was the company contracted to erect the refurbished radar dome on top of the tower. The 34-year old company looked to Richmond, Va.-based WO Grubb to help select the crane for the job.


Ray Hand, WO Grubb's Alexandria branch manager, suggested the Grove GMK7550 for its capacity and reach, as well as its mobility. He said the crane performed well on the jobsite.


“The crane performed beautifully,” Hand said. “The GMK7550 crane is the largest in our fleet and was chosen for its beneficial load chart, as well as its luffing jib length. It has proven to be conveniently mobile and simple to use.”


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