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Terex Cranes' 45-Ton Crossover 4500L Boom Truck Makes Debut

Crane Company: Terex






October 16, 2013 - Terex exhibited several utility products plus the new Crossover 4500L boom truck in its booth at ICUEE. The Crossover 4500L is a 45-ton capacity boom truck that offers longer boom and boom-and-jib combinations than the standard Crossover 4500, plus the ability to attach a two-person work platform to either the boom top or the jib point. One key target market is high-line construction, where the Crossover 4500L could let a contractor use just one machine to lift both components and people, as needed. 


Maximum boom length is 129 ft., and the maximum boom-and-jib combination gives a tip height of 183 ft. Terex says the Crossover 4500L offers 25% higher capacity at most boom lengths and radii than any other boom truck in the 45-ton class. By November, Terex expects to have a four-function remote control that will let an operator run the crane’s upperworks from the aerial work platform.

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