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Terex Adds Explorer 5600 AT Crane to Product Offerings

Crane Company: Terex Cranes

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Terex Explorer 5600


March 11, 2014 - Terex debuted the newest crane in its Explorer all-terrain crane family, the Explorer 5600. The 180-ton, five axle AT crane was designed for roadability. The boom extends only 3.9 ft. over the front, and an optional boom-off solution or dolly helps the crane meet stringent road standards. Its automatic counterweight rigging system enables the crane to be ready to work.


The Explorer 5600’s 41-ft. carrier length enables it to maneuver through urban areas and navigate congested construction sites. All-axle steering delivers tight cornering capabilities and the ability to crab steer.


While compact in size, the Terex Explorer 5600 crane does not sacrifice productivity. Featuring a 223-ft. main boom and maximum 312-ft. system length with a maximum load moment of 480 mt, the Explorer 5600 crane provides one of the strongest lift charts over the entire working range in this capacity class. The crane has a lifting capacity of 38.5 tons while telescoping and a 22,076 lbf hoist with 21 mm rope and 10.9-ton cable pull that requires less reeving for shorter rigging times and increased performance. 


A single 405/265 KW Euromot IV/Tier 4 final compliant diesel engine operates the driveline and upper structure to lower the total cost of ownership. The Explorer 5600 crane is equipped with a power management system that provides the best performance and efficiency for all load cycles to offer power when required and fuel economy when operating the crane’s upper structure. This reduces the number of components to maintain for lower service requirements. Engine and gearbox maintenance points are also positioned in a centralized area to reduce service time.


The Explorer 5600 crane has a new electrical braking system that offers improved braking performance with reduced brake pad wear (vs. cranes without this system), and dynamic launch control supporting the driver when starting upwards on a hill.


As with all Terex crane equipment, safe operation is paramount to the design of the Explorer 5600. The upper structure includes multiple access and egress points, making access to the upper cab and components in the upper structure more comfortable and easier than ever. Its outrigger base of 26.7’x24.6’ offers stable operation when lifting heavy loads. The optional xenon working lights package around the crane and the optional pendulum load camera, tail swing camera, and hoist and right-hand side cameras provide outstanding visibility of the jobsite even at night.


The Explorer 5600 crane also features the latest Terex Cranes driver and operator cabs, designed to boost productivity. Built around operator feedback, this functional cab repositions the electronics compartment to offer longer inside dimensions and provide more space for operators. In the 8.4-ft. wide driver cab, B-pillars have been removed for improved visibility. Moreover, out-of-window wipers and an infinitely variable tilt-up operator cab of up to 20° deliver excellent visibility of the work area. In both cabs, individual air outlets maintain comfortable operating temperatures. An ergonomic, multi-adjustable seat with lumbar support and head and arm rests helps to improve operator comfort and productivity. 


The Terex Explorer 5600 crane comes standard with the field-proven IC-1 control system, which offers efficient and intuitive touchscreen operation. The IC-1 software stores all load charts and offers easy configuration based on load and radius input. Operators can quickly configure the control system settings to meet jobsite requirements. The IC-1 system offers a work range limiter for ease of operation when working indoors or around obstructions. Additionally, the driver can use the intuitive touch controller to display information of more than 10 working variables such as: axle loads, tire pressure, brake system status, suspension system status, and more.


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