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Updated Improves User Experience

June 11, 2014 - A1A Software, Fernandina Beach, Fla., has made extensive updates to that will make the user experience easier, faster, and more intuitive. Features include browser-based drag-and-drop jobsite editing, more ground-bearing pressure options, and mobile-friendly chart search and ground-bearing pressure pages.

Other improvements include faster load times, meaning no more waiting for the page to refresh and reload or scrolling down to see the 3D image. The image of your lift is always visible, and no longer needs to be rebuilt every time you make changes to your lift plan. The 3D image automatically fills as much screen space as possible, so there’s no more scrolling down to see it.

Updates to the Quick Lift Setup page means it is much more user-friendly, and now users have the ability to add rigging without having to go to the advanced lift pages to do it. The system now offers the ability to move the crane and load from any page, as well as to see the crane capacity, radius, and tip height from any page.
A new "Lift Summary" page allows the user to see key information about the lift including the load chart, rigging list, and ground bearing pressure. Features include shadows, always-level 3D scene, and the option to display a solid interior for construction buildings.
The system is now compatible with any web browser including IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and browser-based printing is now offered.


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