OSHA Fine Little Rock, Ark.


August 2016 - OSHA issued citations for 13 serious violations after the death of a construction company employee who was crushed by the boom of a truck-mounted crane in March. The agency proposed penalties of $46,200.

 The construction company “has a responsibility to ensure its employees are trained in all aspects of their duties and that the equipment they operate meets all safety standards," said Carlos Reynolds, OSHA area director. “If the law had been followed, a man’s life would not have been taken cruelly and his family would have been spared their grief.”

 The serious violations include not making sure a qualified person inspected repaired equipment to ensure the repair met manufacturer’s criteria; failing to ensure a registered professional engineer, familiar with the equipment, signed procedures related to the capacity of the equipment; and failing to have procedures on the operation of the equipment in the crane’s cab at all times for use by the operator.

 Other serious violations are lacking maintenance and repair personnel who met the definition of a qualified person for the equipment, and the maintenance and repair tasks performed; missing warning labels and decals originally supplied by the manufacturer for the equipment; and making modifications or additions unapproved by the manufacturer that affected the safe operation of the equipment. 


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