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Crane Truck Overturns - Blue Springs, Mo

July 2017 - A stretch of 7 Highway near 40 Highway in Blue Springs was closed for more than seven hours on Monday after a crane overturned.

The truck was apparently picking up a sign when it was overcome by the weight of it and flipped over. The crane crashed through power lines before landing on an empty pickup truck and puncturing a gas cylinder.

One eyewitness told 41 Action News a worker narrowly avoided being crushed.

"I just see him running, and he does this baseball slide on the ground," said Shayna Stevens, who was driving on 7 Highway when it happened.

Luckily no one was hurt, but the downed power lines affected 2,600 customers, according to KCP&L. Crews worked through the afternoon to restore power.

MoDOT said in a tweet that it was part of a crew working on a new grocery store in the area.

According to Blue Springs PD, Belger Cartage Service owns the crane that flipped. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gave the company a satisfactory rating. Belger has just a handful of violations, almost all of which are related to speeding.

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