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CCTY Bearing Releases Seating Line

Oct. 15, 2019 - CCTY Bearing has introduced its bushing line that includes self-lubricating PTFE and POM options, as well as bronze and metallic bushings.

Engineered for seat frames, recliners, and seat mechanisms, the steel/PTFE bushings:

  • Provide a long wear life
  • Maintain excellent friction properties
  • Reduce noise and vibration

Whether adjusting the seat or headrest height, PTFE bushings ease the movement with self-lubricating materials. CCTY‘s cylindrical bushings are available with a straight joint, clinch butt, or welded.

“When combined with the other automotive products we offer, like torque converter and belt tensioner bushings, along with ball joints, tie rods, and rod ends, it is easy to see why we are able to consistently meet original equipment manufacturers’ needs,” said Evan Poulakidas, CCTY Bearing North American director.

Inquiries about seat bushings can be coordinated with a CCTY sales representative or by emailing

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