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Liebherr USA Co. Breaks Ground for New Headquarters

July 24, 2018 - Members of the Liebherr family, the company’s executive management, and Newport News, Va., city officials gathered last Friday to break ground in Copeland Industrial Park for the new
Liebherr USA Co. headquarters.
The commencement of this $45 million expansion marks the beginning of an exciting
new chapter for Liebherr in the United States.
The company that has been manufacturing and operating in Newport News, Va., for more than 48 years broke ground at the site adjacent to its current location. The new facility will serve as the new headquarters for Liebherr USA Co. and will include three new buildings: a state–of-the-art four-story
administrative building, a carefully designed warehouse and parts distribution center, and a modernized production and workshop facility intended to support the company’s cranes, construction, and concrete divisions.
The new buildings will add more than 251,000 sq. ft. to the existing 560,000-sq.-ft. Liebherr campus.
The investment will greatly affect the company’s U.S. operations and drive Liebherr’s strategy for long-term growth.
With shovels in hand, Mrs. Sophie Albrecht, Jan Liebherr, Newport News Mayor McKinley
Price, managing directors of Liebherr USA, Co., its building partners, and government
officials broke ground during the ceremony.
“The U.S. is a strategic market for Liebherr, and with this investment we send a clear
message of commitment to our customers, employees, and the local community here in
Newport News,” said Torben Reher, managing director of Liebherr USA, Co.
Newport News mayor McKinley Price, said, “We are grateful for Liebherr’s corporate citizenship, the investments, and the jobs the company has provided for our citizens and others around the region. This expansion will set the stage for even greater success as the company continues to grow, and we are proud to partner with and support Liebherr now and always.”
Construction is expected to be completed in 2020, and will house Liebherr USA, Co.
employees working in administration, finance, marketing, human resources, sales and
service, product support, production and distribution for eight product divisions.


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