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Crane Hot Line

WIKA Upgrades DS350 Modular Boom Control

October 17, 2018 - WIKA Mobile Control recently released an upgrade for the DS350 modular boom control systems that are now in the field. 

The upgrade converts DS350 modular systems to the iFLEX5 graphic boom control system. It applies to the DS350 modular systems installed on Grove TM9100, AT9120, and RT9130 cranes equipped with two cable reels.

The iFLEX5 system replaces all existing components: console, central unit, cable reels, pressure transducers, and cable assemblies. 

The new system replaces 4…20 MA sensors with CANbus sensors. The iFLEX5 system offers the same functionality as the DS350 modular control, whose components are discontinued and no longer available.


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