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ALL Crane Adds 18 New Grove RTs

June 30, 2021 - The All Family of Companies is expanding its fleet of rough-terrain (RT) cranes by adding 18 new Grove RTs ranging in capacity from 55 USt to 165 USt.

The purchase includes four 165-USt GRT9165s, three 80-USt GRT8080s, five 70-USt RT770s, and six 55-USt GRT655Ls.

The purchase also includes two 40-USt TMS540 hydraulic truck cranes, bringing the full order to 20 total units.

The four GRT9165s come in addition to four of the same unit bought last year, a testament to their popularity with customers, particularly in wind energy, plant work, and general construction in tight urban job sites.

Introduced in 2018, the GRT9165 is the highest-capacity, longest-reaching Grove rough-terrain crane. Its industry-leading 205’ boom is a favorite in wind markets, where the height of windmills continues to increase. “It used to be that 130-ton or 150-ton capacity RTs were the workhorses for wind,” said Chad Rados, industrial project coordinator for ALL. “But now, 165 tons is the sweet spot, and they are typically on site for extended periods.”

The strength of the unit relative to its size also makes it attractive for urban construction. “It packs a lot of power and reach into a small footprint,” said Rados. “It is highly mobile on job sites compared to ATs and crawlers, requiring no real disassembly before moving to another location on the same site.” Rados also touts the ease of transporting the GRT9165 to job sites, which requires just three truckloads to deliver in full.

These same attributes drive interest in the GRT9165 among industrial plants, where scheduled downtime can be more easily accomplished with a machine that fits virtually anywhere and quickly moves from place to place.

ALL began taking delivery of units from this order in spring 2021, with the remainder expected to arrive throughout the rest of the year. Rados says they will be deployed across ALL’s 33 national branches.


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