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Crane Hot Line

ALL Crane Adds Five Manitowoc Crawlers, Several Attachments

April 20, 2021 - The ALL Family of Companies is adding five new Manitowoc crawler cranes and an assortment of jibs, boom attachments, and other attachments to bolster service among targeted customer markets.

Crawler cranes in the purchase include two Manitowoc 14000 Series 3 and three MLC300 VPC Series 3.

Attachments in the purchase consist of two wide-boom attachments for the MLC650 VPC and one each of the 14000 luffing jib, 999 luffing jib, MLC300 VPC wide-boom attachment, MLC300 VPC-MAX attachment, and MLC650 VPC-MAX attachment.

Rick Mikut, All Crane’s crawler crane division manager, worked with Manitowoc on upgrades to the 220-ton capacity 14000 series 3. He recommended adjustments that improved the cab and added counterweights to increase the crane’s lifting capacity at longer boom lengths. “Among other things, the new 14000 fills a capacity niche that will be highly useful for setting girders in bridge work,” said Mikut.

Adding three of the 330-USt MLC300 VPC cranes to the fleet reflects the continued popularity of that model.

The attachments included in the purchase give customers additional options to customize equipment for maximum performance in each specific application.

Mikut says the wide-boom attachments are desirable for a number of reasons, including their safe performance in higher winds. “In wind energy construction and repair, for example, the ability to operate safely even in an extra 5 miles per hour gives you an edge when you’re working up that high.” In addition to wind work, Mikut expects the new crawlers and attachments to be in demand in markets like infrastructure, industrial, and plant maintenance.

Mikut says all pieces in the package were chosen to respond to customer demand.

Delivery will occur throughout 2021, with distribution across All’s 33-branch national footprint.


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