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ALL Tower Crane Adds Three Units to Fleet

August 10, 2020 - ALL Tower Crane, a division of the ALL Family of Companies, has added three new towers, each chosen to align with emerging customer demand.

The trio includes a Liebherr 125 K fast-erecting tower crane with industry-leading jib length, hook height, and lifting capacity.

Also included are a Manitowoc Potain MR 418 luffing jib tower crane and a Manitowoc Potain Igo T 85 A, a self-erecting tower crane. 

“The Liebherr 125 K offers an additional 16’ of jib and 20’ of hook height over our previous largest self-erector,” said Sam Moyer, general manager of ALL Tower Crane. The unit also features Liebherr’s Load Plus function, an advanced technology that lets the crane increase load capacity by up to 20% by reducing line speed. Said Moyer, “With the flip of a switch, customers can now handle individual heavyweight hoists without calling another crane to the site. This feature increases jobsite flexibility, saving time and money when we are planning a project’s crane package.

The Potain MR 418 is a versatile, high-speed luffing jib tower crane that is in high demand in the high-rise construction industry, particularly those involving concrete. One of the fastest electric cranes available, the 418 can operate with either 1- or 2-part reeving to either increase lifting capacity or increase hoisting speed. The MR 418 delivers a hoist line speed of up to 833 fpm, saving time and money.

The Potain Igo T 85 A is a new unit that builds on ALL’s fleet of Potain self-erectors, which are extremely popular in the residential, mixed-use, and panelized-construction sectors. The Igo T 85 A is ideal for smaller construction sites or tight workspaces. 

“These acquisitions further diversify our fleet to serve the evolving demands of our customers,” said Moyer. “We chose these units intentionally and methodically to complement the needs of today’s construction sites while giving us a head start on upcoming projects that will close out the year.”

All three units feature electric motors, which help customers meet emission regulations. “We, like the entire construction industry, must advance technologies that are greener, produce less pollution, and emit less noise,” said Moyer. “These new tower purchases demonstrate our commitment to customers, who rely on us for technologies that do more than increase productivity—they advance the industry as a whole.”

ALL Tower Crane, headquartered in Ohio, provides tower cranes and engineering support to ALL’s network of branches across North America. These three new acquisitions, like all cranes in the tower fleet, will see action throughout the regions served by the ALL Family of Companies.




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