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Arizona, Pennsylvania Erectors Complete SEAA/NCCER Training Unit Orientation

S&H Steel is AISC Certified in both steel fabrication and steel erection. The company sought out the SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Program in order provide their employees with consistent, standardized training. Employers often use the program to identify gaps in knowledge so that they can develop training prescriptions to make sure each employee has the right skills. An added benefit for employees is that credentials are portable.

“The SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Training Program will provide us with the resources to create universal training and assessments. It will help get our employees speaking the same language on job sites,” said Rob Rigsby, Director of Strategic Development at S&H Steel. When workers share the same terms, methods and best practices this common understanding leads to safer more productive work.

L&L Construction, an AISC-certified structural steel erection company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Massachusetts, will implement a similar craft training program. The company is utilizing the SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Program to advance their apprenticeship program and to help recruit local high school and trade school students who are looking to pursue a career in the steel erection industry.

Implementation of the program also allows L&L Construction to continue work in surrounding states, such as New Jersey. A 2019 amendment to the New Jersey Labor and Workforce Development Division of Wage and Hour Compliance for public works projects requires employers of craft workers to participate in registered apprenticeship programs. “The SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Program allows us to work with and train local students from the ground up. It helps us bridge the gap in our industry,” said Shane Hess, Operations Manager at L&L Construction.

“This brings our network of SEAA/NCCER training units to 26, with more than 90 instructors and performance evaluators nationwide,” said Tom Underhill, Executive Director. Learn more at


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