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Crane Hot Line

Arnott Joins Vita Inclinata as Senior Advisor

April 4, 2022 Vita Inclinata (Vita), developer and producer of helicopter and crane load stabilization hardware, has added Shane Arnott as a senior advisor.

Currently holding the position of chief engineer at Anduril Industries, Arnott will apply his experience to ensure Vita’s solutions meet production expectations as well as leverage his aerospace and unmanned, autonomous systems skills to advance the Vita Load Navigator and Vita Rescue System’s performance.

“Arnott is an extraordinarily accomplished individual who will bring a wealth of knowledge to Vita,” said Caleb Carr, CEO, Vita. “We are privileged to welcome him as one of our senior advisors and look forward to his guidance on supply chain and management as well as innovative production line methods.”

In addition to his present position within Anduril, Arnott was employed by Boeing for over 23 years, where his roles included program director, airpower teaming system and autonomous systems; senior technical fellow; director of Phantom Works International; and lab manager, UK, and Australia.

Prior to joining Boeing, he was adjunct professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Queensland University of Technology.

Arnott holds a Ph.D. in systems engineering from the University of Queensland, and a bachelor’s  degree in computer systems engineering from La Trobe University. Complementing his degrees, he attended Harvard Business School for creating emerging markets and global strategy management, as well as MIT Sloan School of Management in the entrepreneur development program and the Australian Institute of Company Directors as company director


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