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Association of Equipment Manufacturers Seeks Nominees for Hall of Fame

 April 20, 2022 - The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Hall of Fame is seeking recommendations for its next inductee.  

The hall recognizes pioneers whose inventions, ideas, leadership, and courage have contributed to the equipment industry.

Since 1993, the AEM Hall of Fame (formerly CIMA Hall of Fame) has honored pioneering individuals who invented, managed, built, and led the off-road equipment industry that builds and feeds our world.

Last year, the hall inducted Trimble, Inc.’s Bryn Fosburgh, co-developer of the real-time kinematic technology that allows the GPS receiver in your phone, excavator, or tractor to know where it is within inches and seconds.

“The world of equipment manufacturing is diverse and interesting. One need only look at the members of the AEM Hall of Fame, and their accomplishments, to see what I mean,” said AEM President Megan Tanel. “The 66 members of the AEM Hall of Fame are some of the finest representatives of the equipment manufacturing industry, and its contributions to our modern way of life. And there are hundreds more individuals who have contributed to our sector, and our world, awaiting their recognition.”

The AEM Hall of Fame inducted its first woman, Mary Andringa of Vermeer, in 2019, and its first Hispanic member, Gus Ramirez of Husco International, in 2014.

Mary led Vermeer to lean-manufacturing success that cut production time for one of the company’s major products from 52 days to just two.

Gus’s dedication to fluid power technologies has led Husco to more than 100 patents since he took the helm, and the establishment of the Husco Chair of Fluid Power at Georgia Tech.

The hall is looking to recognize more women and men of every background who have contributed to the industry. It needs experts in the construction and agricultural equipment manufacturing industries to tell it about those people.

Equipment manufacturers build their talent rosters with individuals from every walk of life. One of the best ways to connect with individuals from every walk of life is to lift our worthiest representatives as a beacon to groups who may not have considered our industry in the past.

There are notable candidates throughout every nuanced segment of the equipment manufacturing world. We should celebrate them all.

That’s why AEM asks everyone who can to submit a nomination to the AEM Hall of Fame of an individual who has enhanced the equipment manufacturing industry via innovation, contributions, leadership, corporate citizenship, and social responsibility.

To look at the current members of the AEM Hall of Fame, or to submit a nominee, visit

Nominations are open until June 17, 2022, and can be submitted online here.

Tips for how to give a nomination a better chance of success are here.



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