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AWRF and LEEA Launch Accreditation Program

May 31, 2022 – The Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) has engaged with the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) to create a voluntary accreditation program for AWRF members.

Members who choose to use the program will be audited by LEEA and will receive support and assistance to ensure they are operating at the highest level.

The audit is developed by LEEA according to requirements set by AWRF. The first wave of AWRF audits is expected to be conducted this fall.

Explaining the drive behind this significant new opportunity, AWRF CEO Jeff Gilbert said: “Through the Member Accreditation Program, AWRF members gain a valuable endorsement. They will receive support to improve and progress, while also benefiting from the oversight and feedback of a third party. They get to use a specially created logo to distinguish themselves in addition to accessing some of LEEA’s services to support their development.”

On April 25, LEEA exhibited at the Product Information Exhibition (PIE) held in Houston, Texas, as part of AWRF’s 2022 Spring General Meeting.

On April 26, LEEA CEO Ross Moloney, Gilbert, and previous AWRF President Brett Woodland launched the program.

Moloney said: “LEEA and AWRF are closely aligned, leading lifting industry associations that have been working together for some time and share a common goal of raising standards. Through contributing LEEA’s expertise to support AWRF members, this program builds on this relationship and contributes to our goal of seeing the highest standards for lifting worldwide. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration with AWRF and its members.”

Caption: Top row, from left: Patrick Shire (AWRF vice president), Nicole Parkerson (AWRF past president), Brett Woodland (AWRF past president), Robert Wilson (LEEA head of member engagement). Bottom row, from left: Jeff Gilbert (AWRF chief executive), Ross Moloney (LEEA CEO).


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