Bay Crane Adds Cranes Inc. to Growing Family of Companies

Mar. 4, 2023 – Bay Crane Companies Inc. (Bay Crane) has added Cranes Inc. (Cranes) to the Bay Crane family. 

The addition expands Bay Crane’s growing family of crane companies, which now includes Bay Crane (Long Island City, New York), Capital City Group (Columbus, Ohio), Gatwood Crane (Arlington Heights, Illinois), and now Cranes Inc. (Maspeth, New York).

Bay Crane says that the acquisition of Cranes Inc. gives customers in the New York City area the broadest and most comprehensive offering of turn-key solutions.

“We are excited by this unique opportunity to combine two premier businesses in the crane services industry in New York City and the surrounding region,” said Kenneth Bernardo, CEO of Bay Crane. “Both Bay Crane and Cranes have built exceptional reputations and customer relationships through their commitment to providing the best quality equipment and the highest levels of customer service.”

Bernardo added that the combination of Cranes and Bay Crane gives customers an enhanced level of service, expertise, and equipment. “The companies share a similar philosophy of providing customers the most complete and up-to-date fleet available,” he said.

Rob Weiss, CEO of Cranes Inc., added, “Our companies have always had an outstanding relationship and know each other well, with ties that go back more than 80 years.”

Weiss added that the both companies are made up of the most experienced lifting-solutions experts in the industry, and that the ability to work together going forward is exciting for everyone involved.

Ranked in the top 10 largest crane service companies in North America, Bay Crane operates 16 full-service locations in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois.



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