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Bigfoot’s New Lighted Outrigger Pads Make Night Work Safer

Guardian Twilight

Aug. 18, 2021 – Two new types of outrigger pads from Bigfoot Construction Equipment Inc. make night work safer for anyone who uses outrigger pads under heavy equipment.

The new pads feature solar-powered lighting that makes them easier to see in dim light, greatly reducing the chance of workers tripping. They were created by Bigfoot President Jeff Steiner, based on his more than 20 years of experience as an electric utility lineman.

“I know from experience that utility workers, crane crews, concrete pumpers, and others who use outrigger-supported equipment day and night in all kinds of weather will appreciate being able to see the pads,” he said.

Bigfoot’s Guardian pads use embedded light strips that absorb energy during daylight, then glow brightly at night. Just 20 minutes of exposure to natural light will let the strips shine for eight to 10 hours in the dark.

Bigfoot’s Twilight pads light up the night with an LED light that is held tight to the pad by a magnet on the light and metal chip embedded in the pad. Twilight lights can be removed and stored so the pads stack flat for storage or transportation. LED light is rechargeable with an included USB cord.

The Guardian and Twilight pads are made of the same strong, tough, maintenance-free custom composite material that has earned Bigfoot outrigger pads a strong reputation with workers who use all types of outrigger-supported heavy equipment. “We guarantee our composite pads for life, and we’ve never had one returned,” said Steiner.

Custom Tailored

Both the Guardian and Twilight pads can be ordered in any of the same standard sizes and capacities as other Bigfoot composite pads. They can also be ordered in custom sizes to meet a user’s specialized needs.

Each Guardian pad comes standard with one glow strip, and each Twilight pad comes standard with one LED light.

But they can be custom ordered with any number of lights or glow strips. For example, says Steiner, a customer could choose to put a glow strip or light at each corner of a pad to help users see its shape and size easily in the dark.

More information about Bigfoot’s Guardian pads, Twilight pads, custom composite pads, Baltic Birch wooden pads, and metal pads is available at,

Bigfoot will be exhibiting in booth N1306 at the Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, Sept. 14-16, 2021.


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