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Crane Hot Line

Bigge Announces Two Super Cranes Now for Sale

Nov. 11, 2019 - Companies looking to expand their reach in high capacity lifting can now acquire an A-frame ring derrick (AFRD) super crane from Bigge Crane and Rigging Co.

Designed in-house by Bigge and first put to work in 2011, the two AFRDs are coming back on the market after completing projects at nuclear power plants in the United States. The AFRD has a boom capacity of 4,000-tons with 560’ of main boom, rotating on a 280’ track ring. These machines not only have a real-world track record for safety, but also for savings in time and money with the ability to lift within a hook coverage area of 28 acres.  

The AFRD super crane is a specialized machine built to meet the needs of nuclear power development, oil platform fabrication and decommissioning, and marine construction. The AFRD has simplified many jobsite logistical problems by eliminating or consolidating site heavy transport requirements through its massive working range coverage and lift capacity.

“We are excited to bring this piece of equipment back on the market,” says Thom Bostrom, Sr., vice president, Bigge. “It has successfully executed numerous critical lifts over 1,400 tons at unprecedented reaches. The AFRD performs like nothing else and has the ability to replace the use of additional heavy lift equipment on an entire project site.”

Once erected, the AFRD can go immediately to work saving companies downtime and reducing requirements for additional crane service. Read the complete load chart, and learn more about machine specifications and applications by visiting



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