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Crane Hot Line

Bigge is Adding 137 New and 125 Used Cranes in 2022

Aug. 24, 2022 - From July to the end of 2022, Bigge is adding 116 brand-new cranes and hoists to its fleet.

It will also add plenty of high-quality used cranes. The company added 30 new and used cranes in August alone.

For the year, Bigge expects its Perfect Fleet to grow by 137 new cranes and at least 125 used cranes.

“These additions to our Perfect Fleet are providing Bigge customers access to much-needed equipment at a time when the supply chain has severely limited access,” said Garrett St. John, Bigge’s director of marketing. “We look forward to making these cranes available for immediate purchase and rental.”

Bigge’s new additions include 130- to 330-USt lattice-boom crawler cranes, 220-USt teleboom crawlers, 80- to 130-USt rough-terrains, 130- to 350-USt all-terrains, 26- to 50-USt boom trucks, and 22- to 35-USt tower cranes.

The new cranes include Kobelco and Liebherr lattice-boom crawler cranes, Liebherr teleboom crawlers, Tadano rough-terrains, Tadano and Liebherr all-terrains, Manitex boom trucks, and Terex tower cranes. In addition, Bigge is adding Alimak construction hoists.

Bigge is also supporting its customers by expanding its stock of attachments, including fixed jibs  and luffing jibs, as well as “S” boom tops for the Liebherr LR1500, LR1600, and LR1800.

“Bigge is the largest buyer of new and used equipment in North America, and we pride ourselves on being able to meet our crane rental and crane buying customers' demands,” said St. John. “Demand for high-quality, well-maintained equipment is at all-time highs. We are adding to our fleet both for our crane rental customers and for customers who have for decades confidently bought cranes, attachments, and parts from Bigge.”

The expanded fleet is available through any of Bigge’s 24 locations.



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