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Crane Hot Line

Caldwell and the RUD Group Partner


May 2, 2018 - Caldwell and the RUD Group will unite their sales and marketing activities in the North American market within a common organization. This means that their collective customers and business partners in the US and Canada now have at their disposal a high level of combined expertise and an incomparably complete product range, including Caldwell lifting equipment, Renfroe clamps and RUD lifting and material handling solutions, all from a single source.

In addition to this wide range of products, the joint expertise of the two partners also promises to extend our leadership further with regard to quality and, by leveraging the sales and service teams, to considerably intensify and improve the level of support provided for our customers. By combining the competencies for material handling solutions, the development cooperation will also ensure that products and solutions are optimally adapted to specific market needs in the US and Europe.

For RUD, at the Hiawatha site in Iowa, the former RUD US will concentrate specifically on tire chain products and their corresponding product groups. This specialization will allow RUD to draw closer to customers in this area and to respond to their specific needs.

The remaining business divisions for RUD US will be transferred to and integrated into the Caldwell in Rockford, Illinois, by May 2018. Beginning May 1st, you will find all of your contact persons for Caldwell lifting means, Renfroe clamps and RUD material handling and lifting devices at Caldwell. We will inform you promptly of any additions to the list of contact persons for the products or regions.


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