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Caldwell Rebrands, Launches New Website

April 5, 2021 - The Caldwell Group Inc. has launched a new website at

The Rockford, Illinois, provider of standard and custom lifting equipment set out last spring to position the business even closer to end users, distributors, and potential partners. The new website reflects that and also captures Caldwell’s status as a provider of lifting solutions.

At the heart of the site, powered by web developer WeCreate, is Caldwell’s full catalog of below-the-hook and other lifting equipment.

It also features SmartSpec, a digital tool that allows distributors to configure products. SmartSpec resembles other advanced product configurators but is unique in giving customization options to dealers specifically looking for non-standard equipment.

“As an organization, we have been putting a lot of emphasis on evolution, whether it be through our products or our internal culture,” said Darrin Noe, director of sales at Caldwell. “The website needed to better reflect that mindset.”

Noe added that Caldwell continuously aims at improving the customer’s experience, how it can make its partners’ lives easier. “The website was a big part of that,” he said. “The pricing and quoting aspect built into the site will ultimately help customers become more efficient, whether it’s dealers logging in to view standard catalog pricing or source custom solutions.”

Noe went on, “If you want a catalog product, it’s right there in front of you. If you want something a little more customizable, you can simply click a button to take you to SmartSpec. And if you’re hunting for a full blown, one-off system, you can contact our sales staff from that same window. We want to be the worldwide leader in providing lifting solutions and the old website didn’t reflect that. The new one does.”


Caldwell Color

The new logo’s color theme represents continuity of the brand’s identity, while also indicating towards a new era and direction for the company. Noe credits Jose Pelaez, a Minnesota designer, with the new “slung C” concept, which has a less-tightly cradled look than the old logo.

Caldwell has blended the products of J.C. Renfroe (JCR) and RUD with the site’s comprehensive product offering. JCR is a subsidiary of The Caldwell Group, and the only clamp manufacturer in the world that can meet ASME BTH (below-the-hook) Design Category C; Caldwell and the RUD Group, meanwhile, have united their sales and marketing activities in North America for material handling and lifting devices within a common organization.

It has been a long-term strategy to maintain these brand identities, while continuing to synthesize them into the Caldwell family. The Renfroe section currently links to the existing JCR website, but the plan is to begin overhauling that particular site in the coming months. A new landing page was developed by RUD partners in Germany that is specific to the U.S. and Canadian audiences.

Noe added: “Lifting Solutions is what we do and who we are. Whether it’s a simple pipe tong or a complicated lumber lifter, we provide solutions for your lifting issues. The new website and brand collectively chime with that ethos.”


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