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Caldwell’s New Catalogue Features Popular Below-the-Hook Products

Jan. 11, 2023 – The Caldwell Group’s new 2023 BTH General Lifters printed catalogue gives readers details and specifications about the Rockford, Illinois, company’s most popular general below-the-hook attachments.

The 116-page catalogue includes lifting and spreader beams; C-hooks and coil lifters; tongs and grabs; rotating crane hooks; and lifters for sheet and pallet applications.

Lisa Sympson, marketing manager at Caldwell, said: “It brings together a huge variety of products, promoting both off-the-shelf equipment and items that can be customized.

The publication is not, however, a comprehensive overview of Caldwell’s entire portfolio.

It does not focus on mill-duty equipment, vacuum lifters, forklift attachments, or other construction-specific tooling.

Those products are referenced, but will be covered more widely in subsequent publications. The company is expected to pull together the complete range in due course.

“Some might ask why anyone would offer a printed catalog in this day and age,” Sympson said. “We want to do business in whatever way customers wish.”

She noted that Caldwell has seen a recent rise in catalog requests, so the company creates catalogs.

“Others want everything online, so we are working hard to improve our website and other features,” Sympson said. “The catalog features QR codes for links to ‘how to’ information and YouTube videos—so it can work for different preferences and circumstances.”

Production of the catalogue coincides with wider digitalization of literature and the manufacturer’s new distributor portal, where channel partners can access pricing and availability information online.

The catalog bristles with product illustrations and in-use images, and Sympson reminds Caldwell users that they might appear in future editions if they send Caldwell photos of their equipment in action.

“We’d love to show off Caldwell products at your facility or job site -- and give you a little free PR on the way,” she said.

Anyone wanting a copy of the free catalogue can request one by calling 800-628-4263 or by visiting 


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