CIC Again Accredited to Certify Crane Operators


Dec. 27, 2023 - Crane Institute Certification (CIC), Sanford, Florida, is once again accredited to certify crane operators to meet OSHA regulations.

OSHA regulations say that any crane that can lift 2,000 lbs. or more and is being used in a construction application must be run by a certified operator. 

And OSHA only recognizes certifications issued by accredited organizations: NCCCO, NCCER, some unions, the military, and now, once again, CIC.

ANSI completed its review and accredited CIC in early December.

CIC plans to resume certification examinations sometime in January.

Established in 2007, CIC has long been respected as a top-notch accredited certifier of crane operators.

However, in 2019, CIC’s accreditation lapsed as it was switching accrediting agencies and missed a deadline due to clerical delay.

According to CEO James Headley, CIC’s application for accreditation was then delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors until it was finally completed in 2023.

During the re-accreditation process, Crane Institute of America (CIA), a sperate company from CIC, continued to test and confirm the qualifications of riggers, signal persons, crane inspectors and other skilled professionals who OSHA requires to be qualified but not certified.

Now, accredited by ANSI, CIC is once again able to test crane operators and provide certifications that meet OSHA requirements in all 50 U.S.states.

Information about CIC’s operator testing and certification schedule is available at or by phone at 407-878-5590.

Verification of accreditation of crane operators can be viewed at CIC Accreditation Verification


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