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CM Labs Debuts Training Simulator for Crane Signalers

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June 19, 2018 - CM Labs has launched its new Signaller Training Station, the industry’s only simulator of its kind.

Designed to work with CM Labs’ Vortex Trainer and Advantage simulators, the Signaller Training Station lets trainers engage multiple students together in a single exercise. 

As one apprentice operates a virtual crane on the Vortex simulator, another uses the Signaller Training Station to provide guidance.

The signaler trainee can move around a realistically simulated worksite to inspect the lifting area, identify potential hazards, get a clear view of all site activity, and give hand signals that direct the crane operator via webcam and picture-in-picture display.

Together, the trainees either succeed or fail as a team. CM Labs says the result is new operators that are simply better prepared for any worksite, as they are learning critical skills before working with real cranes.

“From job planning to after-action review, collaborative learning builds effective teams,” said Lisa Barbieri, CM Labs’ VP of marketing. “CM Labs’ new cooperative Signaller station allows novice operators to train for effective teamwork and communications in a realistic and wholly risk-free environment.”

Embedding the trainee signaler into a working simulation increases trainee engagement and motivation, she adds, making this an extremely effective way to learn correct Signaler placement, load positioning, and hand signals; optimal lines of sight; and safe direction of lifting operations.

Also, instructors can monitor the entire operation with an Instructor Operating Station that can score, report, and introduce challenges such as equipment malfunctions or weather anytime.

The Signaller Training Station works with all CM Labs crane operator training packs, including the flat-top and luffing tower cranes, rough terrain mobile crane, and crawler crane.

CM Labs’ Signaller Station reduces training costs by having team members train in tandem and also lets operators train in ways that may be too risky or expensive in real life.

The Signaller Training Station made its world premiere, along with CM Labs’ new Luffing Tower Crane Simulator Training Pack, at the Tower Cranes North America event held June 18-19 in Miami, USA.  


















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