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CM Labs’ New SimGuide Service Simplifies Simulator Integration

March 7, 2019 - CM Labs Simulations, Montreal, Quebec, developer of Vortex training simulators, has announced a new advisory service for organizations looking to capitalize on simulation-based technology.

CM Labs’ SimGuide Service supports companies at any stage of simulator adoption, whether they are developing simulation-based training for the first time or extending the use of their Vortex simulator.

“By its nature, simulation is a highly flexible technology,” says Drew Carruthers, CM Labs’ director of training solutions. “And while every company is different, we have implemented learning solutions for hundreds of clients. This means we are well qualified to guide our clients to ensure that they get the maximum benefit out of their simulator initiatives.” 

CM Labs’ SimGuide Service is ideal for clients looking to embed a simulator into new or existing training programs. It is also suited for companies incorporating simulation into new initiatives, such as operator cross training, or operator recruitment and assessment. 

The fee-based service can be tailored to organizational requirements, but typical objectives include: 

·         Previewing training programs to see where simulation fits

·         Helping to develop a full “learning path” and structured training processes to ensure expected outcomes

·         Helping organizations adapt to changes associated with simulation technology

·         Assisting in quantifying and measuring the progress of the organization’s overall simulation strategy 

The outcome of the SimGuide Service is a complete road map that details how and when organizations should use their simulator in order to achieve their targets. It leverages the best practices other simulator adopters have discovered, as well as the business cases they have developed to communicate the value of simulation to their organization. 

CM Labs will feature the SimGuide Service and other new products at booth C2.127 in the Canadian Pavilion at Bauma, April 8-14, in Munich, Germany.


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