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CM Labs Simulators Help Address Construction’s Skilled Labor Shortage

 Oct. 25, 2021 - Executives at NCCER and CM Labs agree that simulators provide a cutting-edge approach to help contractors and training organizations address the skilled labor shortage that’s prevalent in the industry.

“NCCER continues to work towards solving the workforce challenges facing construction today,” says NCCER President and CEO, Boyd Worsham. “CM Labs’ technology provides an innovative means to attract and develop a new generation of craft professionals.”

“CM Labs’ solutions are built using our patented Smart Training Technology. That means they deliver the highest degree of transferable skills anywhere, outside of the real equipment,” says Julien Richer-Lanciault, product manager at CM Labs. “This is ultimately what makes these simulators such a valuable asset to any organization looking to evaluate job applicants, train novices, or upskill operators already in place.”

Although Vortex Training Simulators significantly elevate the training and evaluation process for heavy equipment operators, neither CM Labs or NCCER endorse the use of simulators in lieu of a hand-on performance evaluation or verification for credentialing or certification, and the usage of simulation in conjunction with NCCER curricula does require authorization from NCCER's accreditation department.

CM Labs offers a full fleet of earthmoving and lifting equipment training packs available on the portable desktop Vortex Edge Plus, the motion-enabled Vortex Edge Max, and the highly immersive multi-display Vortex Advantage. Self-guiding, progressive learning exercises allow operators to learn at their own pace, or simply refresh their skills as needed. The simulators capture operating metrics for continual and comprehensive scoring and reporting on trainee progress.

According to the Associated Builders and Contractors, construction companies will need to hire 430,000 more workers than they employed in 2020. To meet the rising demand, the industry will need to employ the right technology to bring both new and existing operators up to speed faster, safer and more efficiently.

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