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Crane Hot Line

Comansa LCL 700 Luffer Makes American Debut


March 21, 2018 - The first Linden Comansa LCL 700 luffing-jib tower crane in America will be erected in downtown Seattle starting this Saturday, March 24.  

Construction of Block 21 for the high-profile Amazon project will use Linden Comansa’s LCL 700, the company’s largest luffing-jib tower crane, which can lift up to 64 metric tons (70.5 U.S. tons, or 141,090 lbs.). Equipped with its longest boom, an LCL 700 can lift 15,870 lbs. at a boom-tip radius of 213.3 ft. 

The LCL 700 on the Amazon project in Seattle will help construct a 24-story tower addition that will add more than 853,000 sq. ft. of office space to the 8-million sq. ft. Amazon already occupies in the city.

GLY Construction, Bellevue, Wash., is renting the Linden Comansa tower crane from Linden Comansa America’s Northwest Rental Division. 

Contractors have already expressed their interest in seeing Comansa’s new CUBE cab, as well as the rest of the large tower crane, which Northwest Tower Crane of Seattle will erect at the corner of 7th and Bell streets.



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