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Comansa to Display Newest, 55-Ton, Tower Crane at Bauma


February 22, 2019 - At Bauma 2019, tower crane manufacturer Comansa will exhibit its latest high capacity model, available worldwide since September 2018.

The 21LC1050 flat-top crane can lift up to 110,230 lbs., has a maximum radius of 262.4’, and was designed to provide great performance in large industrial or infrastructure projects, as well as in construction with heavy precast or steel structures, including prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC).

Its high-speed hoists deliver line speeds to 984’ per minute and can hold up to 5,150’ of wire rope, making it also perfect for high-rise construction.

The single-double trolley system with automatic reeving change lets the 21LC1050 always have an optimized load diagram. Working with the simple (or front) trolley improves jib-tip capacity and permits faster hoisting. The double trolley (front plus rear) handles the heaviest loads.

A new modular counterjib allows up to six configurations to meet the needs of each job and increase safety. When the crane is equipped with its maximum, 262.4’, jib, the counterjib radius is 101.7’. When the jib length is 164’, the counterjib length can be shortened to 88.6’., as will be shown in the crane at Bauma.

The new XL CUBE cab is Comansa’s largest, ensuring great productivity thanks to its fully glazed front and operator comfort. At Bauma, an XL CUBE cab will be shown at ground level so attendees can see its ergonomic benefits and spaciousness, a design that has earned the iF Design Award 2018 and German Design Award 2019.

The 21LC1050 flat-top is the latest high-capacity crane launched by Comansa, and another step forward in the company’s strategy to adapt its range to global construction needs.

Ten years ago, Comansa’s product line contained small and medium size flat-top cranes and three luffers, with maximum capacities 52,900 lbs. In the past decade, Comansa has developed a new range of luffers, a new series of medium-size flat-tops, and its entire heavy-load range, including a 198,410-lb. flat-top.

Today, Comansa offers 19 flat-top models and six luffing-jib cranes for all types of construction projects. It also has a leading position in the high capacity range. Besides the new 21LC1050, Comansa has recently launched the LCL700 luffing-jib crane, with maximum capacity of 141,090 lbs., and has upgraded the flat-top models 21LC660 and 21LC750 to lift up to 110,230 lbs.

This evolution will be part of Comansa’s message at Bauma, where the company will share booth FS.1103/1 with German dealer and crane specialist BKL Baukran Logistik, who is purchasing the 21LC1050 for its rental fleet.




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