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Crane Hot Line

CraneWorks Hires New GM for Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth

Aug. 4, 2022 - CraneWorks has hired Eric Rhodes as general manager for its Houston headquarters and Dallas-Fort Worth field office.

Rhodes brings almost 30 years of experience in operations and service. He has a  broad background in several key industries that CraneWorks serves, including electrical transmission and distribution, oil and gas, and construction.

Rhodes, who has welded since he was nine, began his professional career as an electrician, eventually becoming a Master Electrician.

After nine years of experience, he joined KBR, spending time in the Middle East before signing with Stewart & Stevenson and later with Cameron (now Schlumberger).

Rhodes then spent nearly 11 years as a branch manager, operations manager, and sales manager at Waukesha-Pearce Industries (WPI).

"On the surface, my job as a general manager at CraneWorks is to increase productivity and streamline processes in Houston and Dallas,” said Rhodes. “But what I’m really excited about is the way we’re going to do that. Every day that my employees come to work and get the chance to learn something new is a good day. I like bringing out the best in people.”

“Eric impressed us right away with his attitude toward leadership,” said Keith Ayers, CraneWorks CEO. “He brings a unique, motivational leadership style to CraneWorks that’s born of a sincere desire to elevate those around him. With a few dozen direct and indirect reports, we’re excited to see what the teams accomplish under his guidance.”


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