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Crosby's Rigging for the Troops Promotion Started July 15

Customers who buy Crosby Group products between July 15 and Sept. 15 of this year will help Crosby support the education of a child who has lost a U.S. military parent in the line of duty.

The manufacturer of rigging, lifting, and material-handling hardware is holding its Rigging for the Troops program for 60 days during the third quarter of 2021 to benefit the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

Fallen Patriots provides college scholarships of up to $25,000 and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. The scholarship amount is based on the average shortfall in college funding for those children after government assistance. 

The Crosby Group manufactures a broad range of products. Its brands include Crosby, Gunnebo Industries, Crosby Straightpoint, Crosby BlokCam, Speedbinders, and McKissick.

Any U.S. customer who buys any product from any of those brands will be helping build the total donation toward the honorable cause.

Approximately 25,000 children have lost an active-duty parent in the military over the last 35 years. Of those, 97% of casualties are men, often leaving behind single mothers to care for their families. Some 60% of the surviving single parents report having trouble making ends meet. 

The foundation said that $625 million is needed nationwide to cover the gap between government assistance and the actual cost of a degree. 

Since 2002, Fallen Patriots has provided more than $46 million in total assistance to more than 2,000 military children with close to 900 graduates.  

Every time a worker in the oil and gas, construction, heavy lift, transportation, manufacturing, or wind energy industries buys a product from The Crosby Group, they will be doing a small part to help secure a better future for military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Today, The Crosby Group counts more than 40 U.S. military veterans among its employees. 

“We are honored to partner with the Children of Fallen Patriots Found-ation again this year,” said Melissa King Ruths, vice president of marketing and product management at The Crosby Group. “Together with our distributors and customers, we are proud to support such an important cause and help fulfill the educational funding requirements of young people who have been affected by military casualties.”

One previous Fallen Patriots scholar said, “Thank you to The Crosby Group, its business partners, and its customers for your steadfast support. You are helping our scholars follow their dreams and making a true impact on the lives of gold stars families.” 

Weekly Photo Contest

In addition to raising funds, The Crosby Group is launching a weekly contest to help raise awareness of the initiative on social media. In it, customers can win prize packages by submitting application photos of Crosby Group products in use. 

For more information about the contest, visit

Crane Hot Line is honored to be Crosby’s official media partner for this year’s Rigging for the Troops promotion.  


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