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Crane Hot Line

CWI Crane & Rigging Adds Demag AC250-5 to Fleet

Pictured left to right: Nick Masso, CWI head mechanic, Todd Parker, CWI operator, Ed Parker, CWI operator, Justin Melvin, Empire Crane New England general manager, Kyle Pitre, Empire Crane service tech, Henry Simmelink, Terex mechanic. 

April 2, 2019 - CWI Crane & Rigging has purchased a new 300-ton capacity 2019 Demag AC250-5 from Empire Crane Company’s New England branch. Owner Chet Chludenski had several reasons for choosing this model including its safety features, IC-1 Plus variable outrigger flexibility, and the Demag and Empire Crane product support teams. Chludenski also said, “The road ability of the carrier for Massachusetts being under 130,000 lbs. with no counterweight is a huge plus for us because we won’t need to get new permits every time we move to a different job.”  

With a maximum system length of 356.6’, the five-axle 300-ton capacity crane is going to give CWI an advantage because they won't have to rent cranes in the 300-ton class. Along with larger jobs, they are looking to do more work in the solar sector setting modules for storing energy. 

The crane’s first job was helping to install two 65,000 lb. battery modules that are used to store solar energy. This job was completed for ELM Electric, at Acushnet Co. in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The stored energy will be used during peak hours to help keep energy costs down. To complete the lift, they set the new AC250-5 at a 45' radius with 50’ of rigging and spreader bars. This allowed them to have much more capacity than needed to successfully complete the job safely and efficiently.

CWI head mechanic Nick Masso and operators Ed and Todd Parker worked for fourdays with Empire General Manager Justin Melvin, Empire Service Tech Kyle Pitre, and Terex Service Rep. Henry Simmelink to familiarize the team with all aspects of the crane. This included going through the new IC-1 Plus system that will allow them to use asymmetric outrigger setups without loosing lift capacity. Pitre, a Demag qualified technician who has completed multiple technical training courses along with years of field experience, said, “IC-1 Plus in the new generation of Demag [all terrain cranes] is what really defines Demags from other ATs in the market.” 

“We’ve had a strong relationship with Empire Crane over the past 25 years,” Chludenski said. “I purchased this unit from them because of the sales department’s flexibility to make this deal happen, and the knowledgeable local service department."


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