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Crane Hot Line

Danfoss and Rise Robotics Collaborate on Electric Cylinder

May 25, 2022 - Danfoss Power Solutions and Rise Robotics have signed an agreement to work together to validate the latest electromechanical actuator technology from Rise.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to work with Rise Robotics to accelerate the development of solutions that have the potential to create near-term, low-carbon options for our customers,” said Danfoss Power Solutions President Eric Alström.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Danfoss,” said Rise Robotics CEO Arron Acosta.

The Rise Cylinder (US Patent 11255416, patent pending: WO2019/014259) is a fluid-free, electromechanical alternative to hydraulic cylinders for heavy equipment and machinery. It helps address the battery-electrification challenges inherent in hydraulic systems by delivering hydraulic-like forces at unprecedented efficiency, precision, speed, and weight.


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