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Crane Hot Line

DICA, ITI Collaborate on Ground Conditions Education

May 25, 2021 - DICA and Industrial Training International (ITI) are collaborating to create educational content about ground conditions and preparation when using mobile cranes.

The first two courses are expected to launch in Q2 2021. They are titled Ground Conditions & Outrigger Equipment Support and Ground Conditions & Crawler Equipment Support, respectively.

The courses will be available through ITI’s online Learning Hub.

“The importance of ground conditions and proper outrigger support for mobile cranes cannot be overstated, as following best practices in this area provides the foundation to any successful crane pick,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA. Koberg said DICA appreciates the opportunity to work with ITI to make the subject matter available through an accessible digital platform.

Learning objectives for Ground Conditions & Outrigger Equipment Support include understanding how equipment with outriggers exerts pressure on the ground; the performance properties of various support structures; and methods for effectively spreading a crane or equipment’s weight.

The Ground Conditions & Crawler Equipment Support course will cover how a crawler crane or  crawler-mounted equipment puts loads onto the ground; the performance properties of various support structures for crawler equipment; and methods for effectively spreading a crawler equipment’s weight.

Jonathan Parnell, SVP - Product Development, ITI, said, “To be able to work in partnership with an organization like DICA continues to be a blessing. Even before the project officially started, their expertise in this arena has been abundantly clear.”

Technical Advisory Group Forming

As part of the development process, the ITI Design & Development Studio is looking for technical advisory group (TAG) members to review the courses and provide feedback. If you are interested in joining the ground conditions TAG, visit and complete the submission form.


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