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DICA Pads Now Work Worldwide

August 22, 2021 - DICA recently closed a historic sale in Antarctica to the United States Antarctic Program (USAP).

With this purchase, DICA’s outrigger pads and crane pads are now at work on all seven continents and in more than 50 countries around the world.

USAP, which supports the Antarctic Treaty, a conservation effort to protect native plants, animals, and their habitats, purchased a set of SafetyTech outrigger pads. USAP bought the Dica SafetyTech pads on the recommendation of a crane operator who had previous experience using them. They are approved for use in temperatures to -40° Fahrenheit.

“Antarctic ground conditions in the area where these are intended to be used consist primarily of volcanic rock or solid ice," said Kris Koberg, CEO of Dica. "SafetyTech outrigger pads have unbreakable strength, industrial grade safety texturing, and deliver reliable performance in demanding and unpredictable environments, making them perfect for USAP’s needs.”

“In addition to standard SafetyTech outrigger pads like those purchased by USAP, we frequently design custom load-distribution solutions for unique applications,” said Koberg. “Whether it’s custom designed crawler mats, FiberMax crane pads, SafetyTech pads, ProStack cribbing, custom jack pads, or custom foundation shoring, Dica’s engineered stabilizer products are widely used by all five branches of the U.S. armed forces, NASA, nuclear facilities, and electric utility, crane, mining, and drilling operations,” he said.

USAP’s SafetyTech outrigger pads shipped from Iowa in April and will arrive in Antarctica for the 2021/2022 summer season.


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