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Crane Hot Line

DICA Unveils Steel-and-Composite Crane Pads

Apr. 12, 2023 – Outrigger pad and mat company DICA has introduced EcoMax crane pads that  combine alternating solid composite timbers and steel I-beams connected with through-bolts for maximum load distribution.

The patented product has similar stiffness, strength, and performance properties as DICA’s FiberMax crane pads or steel pads but costs less than those options.

“We designed EcoMax specifically for customers that don’t need the significant weight savings that FiberMax offers but still want an engineered crane pad for everyday use,” said DICA CEO Kris Koberg.

EcoMax is ideal for distributing concentrated loads from equipment with outriggers, such as mobile cranes, concrete pump trucks, and self-erecting tower cranes.

While EcoMax is heavier than FiberMax crane pads, it is lighter than solid steel mats.

EcoMax crane pads are available in four sizes from 20 to 40 sq. ft., with maximum rated capacities from 175,000 lbs. to 325,000 lbs. “We have been able to combine two outstanding materials to create an engineered solution that is extremely durable and long-lasting, at a lower cost,” said Koberg. “The I-beam flanges create a connection with the composite timbers. This, and the strategic placement of the through-bolts, ensures maximum load distribution and minimizes ground bearing pressures.”

EcoMax crane pads are non-absorbent, easy to clean, and resistant to rot and decay, for long-lasting, predictable support.


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