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Elliott Launches New Crane Cab, Control System

  July 22, 2020 - Elliott Equipment Co. has launched a new crane cab designed for productivity, visibility, and operator comfort.

Displayed at ConExpo 2020 in March, the new cab is now officially available on all Elliott cranes with capacities of 30 tons or more.

Its key features include:

• Up to 20° of cab tilt to give the operator a better view of the load line and boom tip with more comfort

• A wide, flat polycarbonate windshield for low distortion and an unobstructed view both above and below the operator. It also allows rapid replacement at lower cost.

• Elliott’s DynaSmooth hydraulic controls for precise feel. The control system lets the operator adjust engine speed and controller voltage to smoothly feather the controls for a gentle ride, even when rotating the boom at heights over 100’. To maximize sensitivity, Elliott HiReach models incorporate large diameter and high flow hydraulics to give speed when it’s needed and allow gentle movements when it isn’t.

• A Bluetooth enabled diagnostic system that provides feedback on system operating conditions and allows remote factory or service center troubleshooting.

• A camera-ready control screen whose views include winch, boom tip, and rear of unit for better sight coverage

• A WIKA Q Scale LMI with color touchscreen provides data of key lift parameters and visual setup for ease of operation

• In-cab outrigger controls and positioning screen for fine tuning if needed.

• Climate control, including heater and air conditioning, with three-position (feet, overhead, windshield) ducting for comfort and defrosting

• Kicker stereo

• Seat and control rests can be adjusted forward-backward and up-down for operator comfort

• Room store tools and lunch box behind operator.

Elliott product manager Dave Cheleen said, “We have worked closely with our customers and distributors to deliver a state-of-the-art design.”

Cheleen said the cab provides an environment that is comfortable and easy to work in.

“Operators particularly like the visibility, control smoothness, and straightforward LMI and touchscreen operation,” said Cheleen.

He also said that customers like the uptime and lower operating costs resulting from the cab’s remote Bluetooth diagnostics and troubleshooting capability, as well the as off-the-shelf windshield glass. 


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