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Crane Hot Line

Fascan Unveils New Wallboard Crane

 Fassi F375SE.14

April 17,  2019 - Fascan International has unveiled the Fassi F375SE.14, the company’s newest wallboard crane, at a dealer demo at Fascan’s headquarters in Baltimore. Fascan is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Fassi articulating cranes.

Dealers and technicians from across the U.S. had an opportunity to operate the new crane and inspect the features of the machine, which arrived in the U.S market in March 2019. 

The seven-story F375SE.14 has a maximum lifting capacity of more than 7,900 lbs., a vertical reach of 84’ and a horizontal reach of more than 72’.  One extension on the main boom and four extensions on the outer boom let operators extend the boom vertically to 38’ with a load before knuckling over and extending it to full horizontal reach. 

Another enhancement on the F375SE is that the inner boom can be extended at any angle. On previous load charts, the inner boom could be extended only after the boom was above 45°. 

These features offer unique benefits for unloading and distributing stacks of wallboard over obstacles.  

The F375SE.14 also features a 10-sided boom, which increases its overall strength and stability when compared to a traditional diamond-shaped structure.  

Also, the boom is made of stronger steel. That allows a lighter overall design without affecting the crane’s maximum lifting capacity. The crane’s lightness increases the overall vehicle payload and lets operators carry more material and make fewer trips to and from a jobsite.

Other features include:

  • Top seat with digital CANbus joysticks
  • Digital radio remote control
  • A “black box” option to record alarm codes and other performance metrics
  • 420° rotation
  • Zone controls to prevent the boom from moving beyond zones fully supported by outriggers
  • LED safety features on outriggers    

“The building industry is looking to get every foot and every pound it can out of its lifting equipment,” says Chris Lowery, Fascan’s wallboard crane specialist. “The F375SE.14 is going to allow contractors to do so with ease.”


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