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Faymonville Launches Versatile New All-In-One Trailer for North America

Oct. 22, 2022 - Faymonville this week is launching a new all-in-one trailer designed for the North American transportation sector

Faymonville says the new HighwayMax all-in-one trailer system is based on its globally successful modular CombiMax concept.

The new HighwayMax all-in-one will work flexibly, profitably, and sustainably.

“The HighwayMax all-in-one is a variable and modern all-round solution,“ said Rainer Noe, product manager at Faymonville.

Noe explains the versatility of the road vehicle in more detail. “The modular concept allows use as a 3+6 double-drop combination, as an extendible single-drop trailer with nine axles, or – with additional nitro booster – as a 12-axle vehicle,” he said.

The concept also has an ace up its sleeve for the increasingly present wind power industry.

“A configuration as a tower adapter vehicle is also possible,” said Noe. “And the entire range such as excavator decks, transformer decks, perimeter decks, etc. can be integrated in the double drop version.”

Extreme Flexibility

Conversion to any version is quick and easy. Interfaces on both the front and rear bogie enable the fast exchange of the components. “The motto of the CombiMax building kit also applies to the HighwayMax all-in-one: Define your transport task, combine your vehicle,“ said Noe, describing the parallels with the well-known Faymonville product family.

Industrial parts, construction machines, wind tower segments, crane elements, and other heavy loads can be moved throughout North America on this innovation.

The modular design provides haulage companies in the USA and Canada with more usage possibilities – with just one vehicle.

Maximum Utilization, Fewer Functional Costs

Hydraulically steered axles at the front and rear, as well as pendle-axle technology with a 24” stroke and a steering angle of up to 60° allow optimal maneuverability to handle challenging routes.

Thanks to additional steering, even the tightest passages are no longer an obstacle. Even complex loads are optimally supported on all axles thanks to the adjustable ratio between fifth wheel load and axle load as well as suitable load distribution.

Once a job is done, the HighwayMax all-in-one can be shortened easily in minutes to a minimum overall vehicle combination length. That significantly reduces the costs of unloaded trips.

• 3+6 double-drop-deck combination: Legal payload to 150,000 lbs. with an axle load of 20,000 lbs.

• 9-axle single-drop trailer: Legal payload to 160,000 lbs. with an axle load of 20,000 lbs.

• 12-axle single-drop trailer, including nitro booster: Legal payload to 207,000 lbs. with an axle load of 20,000 lbs.


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