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Felling Trailers Implements Weld Standard

Felling Trailers released a new welding quality standard

June 6, 2019 – One of Felling Trailers Inc.’s core values is to be an innovative solutions provider that thrives on continuous improvement. It was an essential piece to the company’s production process to create and implement a weld quality standard that all Felling products would adhere to. 

The goal of the weld quality standard was to enhance Felling’s weld quality, weld efficiency, and to reflect the American Welding Society D1.1/D1.3. This process has been in the works over the last year—from concept, development, approval, and now, to the rollout process.

The most significant portion of the production process of a trailer is welding, from piece parts like light boxes and ramps, to the trailer frame, so creating and implementing a weld quality standard was paramount.

Kyle Wald (vice president of engineering) and Ben Myhre (weld instructor) were identified as ideal candidates for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Certification. In 2017, after receiving their certifications, the development of the program was built and approved by Felling’s management team. The final step was then educating every welder on the Felling Trailers’ team to the Felling Weld Standard. The key element of weld quality is trained qualified individuals, training to the standard, inspection to the standard, and welding symbol refreshers.

“The Weld Quality Standard gives Felling Trailers team members a better understanding of the quality we build into each one of our trailers. Team members received training that directly relates to their daily job tasks, making it easier for them to identify possible non-conformities before the product reaches the next step of production,” Myhre said.

Once training was completed, there was a three-month implementation period where team members refined and clarified the standard. Felling Trailers’ Weld Standard was fully implemented company-wide on Feb. 4.

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