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Finances Online Honors RMI’s Easy-to-Use Rental Software

August 15, 2018 - In July, Finances Online gave RMI’s Advantage 365 software the “Great User Experience” Award, for being easy to begin using and for offering a user-friendly interface. Advantage 365 software is designed for the equipment rental, sales, and service industries. 

RMI President David G. Richards said, “Creating the user-friendly interface was easy, since we work with our customers so closely. The user experience extends beyond the interface and includes how we train and support our customers during go-live and after. It’s nice to see that effort recognized.”

Even though RMI’s customers range from two employees to more than 1,000, it takes RMI an average of just 127 days to take a new customer live in Advantage 365.

Leah Holowesko, RMI’s manager of client services, explained how RMI maintains a “great user experience” while taking all of a company’s business processes to a new system. “We are meticulous,” she said. “A business is made up of the collective work of each individual in a company. So we listen, show each individual step-by-step how to do their job in Advantage, then we get the job done.”

One-on-one attention coupled with a user-friendly interface has led Advantage 365 and RMI to this new, well-deserved award. Learn more about the company at



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