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Crane Hot Line

Graphic Products Releases New Construction Industry Resources

August 29, 2018 - Graphic Products, an industry leader in visual communication solutions for compliance and safety, is excited to release a comprehensive Best Practice Guide for Construction Safety Managers, made to maximize efficiency and improve safety on the work site. A new Construction Safety Infographic is also available. This visual educates on the harrowing statistics that plague the industry. It also discusses technology trends that offer promising safety solutions.

“Our construction industry customers are busy, and they need resources that provide useful information, support, and strategies that benefit their needs,” said Elena Sylvester, product manager at Graphic Products. “Our guide and infographic offer key safety and compliance actions that serve as a cornerstone for companies to prepare and shape a prosperous future quickly and efficiently.”

The Construction Safety guide is an essential industry training resource for construction managers. It covers OSHA standards, written program requirements, includes a sample safety checklist, and more. The Construction Safety infographic breaks down industry trends, statistics, and cost-effective compliance solutions. These assets will assist safety managers, contractors, and subcontractors with their responsibilities and help them comply with OSHA’s Regulations for Construction (29 CFR 1926). Download these free resources to maximize efficiency, productivity, and improve overall safety on future construction projects.


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