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GUAY Adds 19 Tadano Rough-Terrain Cranes


June 7, 2023 – Major Canadian crane rental company Guay has added 19 Tadano rough-terrain cranes to its fleet.

Guay specializes in operated and bare crane rentals throughout Quebec, and has taken delivery of the new cranes, whose capacities range from 55-USt to 160-USt.

"We wanted to renew the RTs in our rental fleet and now have access to better technology, like the Smart Chart on the Tadano,” said Guillaume Gagnon, executive vice president of Guay. “Our decision was made on the reliability of the Tadano RTs. We work in remote area winter conditions, so we wanted to have a rough terrain that was reliable.”

Gagnon added, “Also, we like that all the rough terrain models have the same operational pattern (lots of parts in common). So for our technicians and crane operators, they are easier to operate and to maintain -which increases our productivity for our customers."

Tadano America Regional Business Manager Justin Andrews added, "We believe these rough terrain cranes are a great fit for Guay's fleet and their clients' needs. We look forward to a long relationship between Guay, Cropac, and Tadano."

Guay’s Gagnon appreciates the support provided by Tadano and its Canadian distributor, Cropac.

“I would also like to add something about the support we get from Tadano,” he said. “We also appreciate the support we get from our dealership Cropac. When we do our studies to buy the crane, the support and service matter so much. When we have a problem with the crane, they are always there to help us and that's really important to serve our customer better.”

Cropac Equipment President and Owner Bill Finkle shares Gagnon's excitement, "Tadano RTs really excel in providing a high-quality experience for our customers. In Canada, we're really spread out geographically. We have a lot of remote job sites, and it gives us a lot of confidence putting a Tadano into one of those sites where we don't have access to technicians and parts. Overall the reliability is the best that we've experienced in our rental fleet."

In the photo, from left: Liam Finkle (Cropac), Justin Andrews (Tadano), Éric Beauvais (Guay), Guillaume Gagnon (Guay), Michel Riverin (Guay), Jean-François Houde (Guay), Bill Finkle (Cropac), Michel Lavender (Cropac)


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