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Crane Hot Line

Hall Trucking Relies on Goldhofer P12 Plus Trailer to Haul Big and Heavy Loads

April 6, 2022 - Hall Trucking Inc. is a heavy-haul trucking and crane service company in Evansville, Wyoming.

When Goldhofer launched its P12 Plus highway trailer In 2021, Hall was one of the first customers to buy it.

Available with one or two intermediate bogies, the semi trailer can be combined in up to 12 axle lines and offers a long loading deck and flexible payload capacity.


Thanks to its high level of adaptability, it is offers the flexible configurations to handle a wide range of loads.

The smart, flexible trailer design combines a semi trailer, trailer, and steerable dolly in a single, versatile vehicle that can handle long loads.

As a result, oversized loads of all types, construction components, vehicles, and equipment can be transported more economically than ever before.

“The P12 Plus was the optimal purchase we could make,” says Jeff Hall, owner of Hall Trucking. “With this trailer, we are extremely flexible and can cover all transport tasks in the energy industry.“

The Goldhofer P12 Plus is currently at work in California’s Mojave Desert, where different loads, such as superstructures for crawler cranes, mobile cranes, and wind-turbine nacelles are being transported for the Sky River Wind Project. In the photo, the P12 Plus is hauling a crawler crane’s upper structure weighing 130,000 lbs.


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