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Harry Fry & Associates Exceeds Q1 2020 Fundings by 13%.


 Harry Fry & Associates, a heavy equipment financing outfit, specializing in crane and lift equipment has reported a 13% increase in funding in the first quarter of 2021 versus the same time period last year. Harry Fry & Associates has been a constant fixture in the industry for 26 years, leveraging outstanding service with industry expertise to get their customers’ needs met.

“2020 was such an odd year. People felt unsure about all aspects of life, especially the future of their businesses. The fact that our business is showing an increase over last year tells me that people are starting to feel more confident in the future again, and showing that by investing in their business” says Harry Fry, President of Harry Fry & Associates.

Although the construction industry was deemed essential in 2020 and did not see the same amount of shutdown that other industries experienced, people were still wary of what was to come. As more people are getting vaccinated and more states are re-opening industries, people are starting to feel a sense of normalcy, or the new normal. People are feeling motivated to get back to work, back to investing in their businesses and back to dreaming about a successful future. Harry Fry & Associates is thrilled to be included in their customer’s journey and honored that their clients trust them with such important purchases.

If you are thinking about financing or leasing a piece of equipment in 2021, reach out to harry Fry & Associates as they are always ready to offer guidance and advice whether this is your first purchase or twenty-first.







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