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HBC-radiomatic Celebrates 20th Anniversary

August 29, 2018 - HBC-radiomatic Inc. is celebrating 20 years since the U.S. subsidiary of the German radio remote controls manufacturer was incorporated in Ohio in the spring of 1998. Formal celebrations have been put on hold whilst a major expansion project is completed at Hebron, Kentucky headquarters, which started in May.

HBC-radiomatic, Inc. was initially established to broaden the support network of the group’s international customers and originally operated from a small facility in Blue Ash, Ohio. As the company quickly experienced broader demand for local resources, in 2008, HBC-radiomatic started construction on its purpose-built facility near to the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) to fill the need for increased domestic assembly and services. Since then, the organization has continued to invest in advanced production and testing equipment, implemented efficient and quality-driven processes, and has significantly increased the team of support, service, and local production personnel.

Jeff Allan, CEO of HBC-radiomatic Inc., said: “While we are part of a global group and rely on international resources, a great strength of HBC-radiomatic Inc. in the United States is our ability to steer and drive our domestic capabilities and resources to match the specific requirements and expectations of our local customers. For example, while HBC products are German engineered, and component manufacture still takes place at the state-of-the art HBC-components factory in Crailsheim, Germany, the vast majority of what we supply and service is now built in our facility here in Hebron. We recognize the importance of positioning our resources where our customers need them, and as we watch other manufacturers offshoring product support, we will continue to take steps to build our business with the focus on the needs of our regional market.” 
When Allan joined in 2009, the international and North American market was dealing with significant disruption to business activities resulting from the global financial crisis. Despite the climate, HBC rebounded to realize new revenue records by 2011 and has continued to grow with the support of an expanding customer base and an improved business climate.

Allan explained that integral to the U.S. subsidiary’s ongoing mission is to ensure that North American customers are equipped with the product portfolio and technology necessary to be successful and competitive both domestically and when selling abroad. These requirements are factored into all international product management / research and development activities.

He added: “From a regulatory standards perspective, our R&D department has placed a tremendous emphasis on ensuring products are engineered and compliant with the required standards in North America [such as NEC500/505 for use in hazardous environments] and across the globe.”

In 2018, it is planned that more than 85% of the systems sold in North America will be built in Hebron, Kentucky and the in-process facilities expansion will only serve to increase that rate of domestic final assembly. Allan expanded: “With an exceptionally well-engineered portfolio of products and access to components from the highly automated and efficient HBC-components company, it is our absolute priority to provide the local flexibility to ensure our customers have access to the radio control solutions they need, when they need them, and that they are fully supported. To that end, we will continue to take the needed measures to increase our capacity for local production, product modification, service and support. Importantly, we have a wealth of talent with several team members boasting more than 15 years’ experience with HBC-radiomatic, and all are committed to this objective”. 

HBC-radiomatic controls are now being used in a myriad of industries, including mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, entertainment, utilities, construction, agriculture, transportation, and logistics, among others. The company’s broad product offering can be tailored to suit an unlimited number of applications, which is reflected in the company’s priority to offer its customers “unlimited possibilities”.


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