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Hiab to Connect the Majority of its Equipment

Hiab will connect the majority of its equipment* as a standard feature, starting in the second half of 2019.

June 21, 2019 - Hiab, part of Cargotec, will connect the majority of its equipment* as a standard feature from the factory, starting in the second half of 2019. Customers will get equipment enabled for their connected services like HiConnect. 

HiConnect lets Hiab customers receive insights to improve safety and utilization, as well as keep track of service needs based on actual usage. Connectivity also enables a new level of service support, such as remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Advanced Hiab equipment has had the ability to record usage and equipment status. This data has been captured in the equipment and only used in service instances by Hiab. With the new connectivity, all data can be accessed anytime, anywhere - enabling business-critical insights for Hiab customers.

"This is our most important cross-equipment investment ever,” says Jan-Erik Lindfors, Hiab's vice president for new business solutions. “It will accelerate our ongoing work of innovating our equipment offering, connected services, and new solutions to improve our customers' business.”

As of the second half of 2019, connectivity will be standard on the majority of new Hiab equipment starting with Hiab loader cranes and closely followed by MULTILIFT hooklifts.

"Value chains are getting more and more integrated, and data is now an important business enabler,” says Joakim Andersson, senior vice president, HIAB Cranes. “We are therefore pleased to announce that all our Hiab Duo, HiDuo, and HiPro cranes will be connected on orders from June 2019 as a standard feature. With connectivity, our customers will get a future-proof equipment. It will also allow us to develop new data driven offerings and better cranes in the future to enhance customer value and benefits.”

The aim is to connect all Hiab load handling equipment over the next few years from the factory. Furthermore, present customers will get the option to retrofit the connectivity for used equipment. The retrofit option is available to order now for a broad selection of Hiab products.

*all electronic controlled equipment


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