High-Brightness, Waterproof LCD Monitor for Outdoor Applications

May 25, 2022 – Tru-Vu’s SRMW-24Z-SS sunlight readable waterproof 24” LCD monitor is designed for use in nearly any weather conditions, or in the most demanding factory environments.

Originally built for use in professional soccer and football stadiums, SRMW-24Z-SS monitors offer:

-    Ability to see clear, sharp images even in direct sunlight

-    Waterproof enclosure to resist rain, sleet, snow and industrial water spray

-    Maintenance-free; no vents, fans, or filters to clean or repair

-    Screen brightness which adjusts automatically to ambient light conditions

-    Ability to operate in both hot and sub-zero conditions 

With over 1,000 nits of brightness (3-4 X brighter than conventional LCD screens or TVs), the SRMW-24Z-SS produces sharp, vivid images even in direct, bright sunlight.

To ensure performance in any climate, its completely sealed stainless steel weatherproof enclosure has no entry points for water, dirt, dust, sand or airborne particles. All video and power connections are also protected in a watertight cable-entry compartment.

To avoid unwanted tampering, the lockable OSD buttons are located on the back panel. Following any type of power loss, a unique auto restart feature enables the monitor to display video immediately upon restoration of power.

The monitor is ideal for applications from manufacturing plants to outdoor digital signs, transportation, military, and marine.


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