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HTC-86110 Covers Eastern Slope for RMS Cranes

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June 6, 2018 - RMS Cranes is based in Denver, CO and in 2015 merged with TNT Crane and Rigging of Houston, TX, to form a network providing 38 branch locations. RMS Cranes’ Windsor, CO location received a new 110-ton (100-mt) HTC-86110 for their taxi crane needs, servicing a boundary east and west of I-25 and north of Boulder, CO in northern Colorado.

“We have gone to Link-Belt cranes because it’s the right combination for us. The crane covers the right capacity, has the right amount of intelligence, but still enough brawn. Our guys feel it’s a good, tough piece of equipment to handle everything we need covered,” says Ryan Harper, Operations Manager for the northern Colorado branch of RMS Cranes.

            “The long boom concept of the HTC-86110 can save time and money. In the case of the HTC-86110, the twenty more feet (6.1 m) of reach compared to other brands in the same class, even saves the customer time and money, not just the crane company,” says Harper.

            At a jobsite for Great Lakes Environmental Structure near Greeley, CO the HTC-86110 lifts 50,000 lb. (22 679 kg) track assemblies and excavator booms on two long boom excavators being disassembled following several months of work. The long boom excavators built underground diversion walls, a mixture of bentonite and water, for a 140 acre water reservoir.

            Once tracks are lifted off the excavator, 39,000 lb. (17 690 kg) counterweights are lifted by the HTC-86110 and a lowboy transport trailer travels underneath the excavator house for transport. The HTC-86110’s chart allows it to lift various assemblies of the excavator from one position while transport trailers arrive and load everything out.
The last lift of the excavator, the long stick is lifted from a 45 foot radius, at 24,600 lb. (11 150 kg).

            “The HTC-86110 is attractive to a customer that is building any sort of production facility, set it up, and place that tiny 100 lb. (45.3 kg) piece of pipe as far as you need to reach, or then we can set that 70,000 lb. (31 751 kg) skid wherever it needs to be placed from that same location. It’s diverse in that I can send it out for anything from a 30-ton crane all the way up to the 110-ton machine. And you have everything you need on one support trailer which includes all of our weights and rigging on that one trailer,” Harper adds.

Link-Belt Cranes, with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, is a leader in the design and manufacture of telescopic boom and lattice boom cranes for the construction industry worldwide.


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